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Pomer is a small town in the Medulin bay, just before Pula, on the southern coast of Istria. Medulin bay goes quite far into the peninsula of Istria.

  • ACI Marina Pomer

    ACI Marina Pomer

Yacht charter Pomer Croatia

The former fishing village is located in the region of Istria in Croatia and is surrounded by the popular vacation destinations Medulien and Banjole. With just 250 inhabitants, Pomer is ideal for a quiet beach vacation in the middle of a beautiful bay. But Pomer is not only a popular destination for a relaxing vacation. Nautical enthusiasts are also drawn to the idyllic seaside resort because of the intact ACI Marina. The old buildings, some of which date back to the Roman Empire, are ideal for a cultural vacation.


Despite its small size, Pomer offers wonderful opportunities to spend a relaxing day at the beach. Surrounded by pebble and rocky beaches, visitors thus have the chance to spend a nice time by the sea in the shade of pine forests.

Pomer beach

Below the ACI Marina begins the local beach of Pomer, which runs once around the peninsula. Along the beach there are numerous campsites and entertainment and water sports facilities.

Scuza beach

The beach is located just outside the town and offers the possibility of renting sunbeds and umbrellas. Due to the shallow pebble beach, this section is especially popular with families with children.


In addition to the countless villas that date back to the ancient Roman Empire, Pomer offers many cultural sights. The parish church of the Visitation of the Virgin Mary was built in the 17th century and has been completely preserved until today. One of the most popular destinations during a vacation in Pomer is the Brijuni National Park. The national park is home to many exotic animals, which guests can admire in a natural environment.


However, Pomer offers not only historical destinations, but also an attractive offer of recreational and sports activities.


The ACI Marina offers about 250 berths to spend a day on one of the most famous ships in the world. A real pleasure for all lovers of navigation.

Diving and snorkeling

The wonderfully clear water attracts many tourists every year. The bays around Pomer and Cape Kamenjak, which is not far from Pomer, offer enchanting diving and snorkeling areas.

Water sports

Various sports equipment can be rented at the campsite. Visitors can thus decide to try windsurfing or wakeboarding. Those who would like to try it but don't dare can also take a surfing course and learn the basics in just a few sessions.

Those who want to have a change of pace after the relaxing or sporty day can enjoy themselves until the morning hours in the local bar or disco. The nearby town of Medulin offers an even more sophisticated nightlife with many bars and discos.


Pomer is a guarantee for a relaxing and restful vacation in the middle of a small idyll. The traditionally kept culture enchants visitors in a short time and makes them curious about the history of the small village. The necessary variety is offered in the reference to the numerous water sports activities and nightlife, which can be experienced to the fullest only not far from Pomer.

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