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The small town with about 9,000 inhabitants is one of the most popular vacation destinations in Croatia.

  • Vodice


Yacht charter Vodice

With a charming old town and romantic alleys, Vodice's city center is rather quiet and serene. Life takes place on the waterfront promenade, which stretches for four kilometers. The small town is a popular destination, especially for families. From culinary cuisine to Italian cappuccino on the beach, Vodice offers a varied vacation not only in gastronomy. Numerous sports and recreational opportunities also invite you to work out during the day and enjoy the idyll on the beach in the evening.


In Vodice there are many shallow beaches, which are especially popular with families. Picturesque paradisiacal bays are easy to reach and invite you to just relax on vacation.

The Blue Beach

Plava Plaza is one of the most popular bathing beaches in Vodice and is located not far from the historical center. With small pebbles, the beach falls shallowly into the sea and offers varied recreational activities such as table tennis, volleyball. There is a barrier-free access, so the beach can be reached even with a wheelchair.

Srima beach

Probably the largest beach in the region, it offers two kilometers of paradise. The necessary variety is promised by the numerous offers, which can be enjoyed by young and old guests alike.

A true paradise with idyllic sights. In addition to the varied historical buildings, there are also many beautiful and exotic places to explore.

Church Gospa od Karmela

Located on the hill Okit, the church dates back to the 17th century. Due to numerous destructions, only the foundation walls from that period are left. The rest of the building was last designed by the famous architect Nikola Basic.

Sveti Kriz

a real highlight is the small Gothic church, built in 1402 and preserved in its original state until today.
Free time

If the picturesque surroundings of Vodice are not enough for you, in a short time you can experience a real paradise in one of the national parks.

Krka National Park

With its seven waterfalls, the national park offers a true natural spectacle that shows the immense power of a force of nature. The emerald waters appear as if from a fairy tale and the ancient ruins from Roman times invite you to an exciting expedition.


The marina ACI Marina Vodice offers with about 415 berths and many services a wonderful harbor, which leaves nothing to be desired.

However, the small town offers not only a harmonious and quiet life. In many different clubs live music and the charming bars can turn the night into day. Especially along the waterfront, the exotic restaurants during the day and the lively bars at night are waiting for the tourist to experience the paradisiacal life in Vodice.


The small town in the middle of Croatia offers the guests a varied time. The large national parks invite to exciting discovery trips, while on the beach numerous activities can be carried out. Countless accommodations offer guests here the opportunity to have a great time in various price categories, and the nightlife really rounds off the vacation with its charm.

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