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Lefkada is something special in many ways. This island in the Ionian Sea is connected to the Greek mainland by a bridge, and is considered one of the best sailing areas of the region.

Lefkada gets its name from its white cliffs and marvelous beaches, as "lefkes" is Greek for white. If you sail round the island, expect superb landscapes, many lovely neighbouring isles, and only gentle winds, which make sailing easier and particulary good for those who are new to the sport.

Get to know the island

There is no mass tourism on Lefkada, unlike Corfu and Rhodes for example, so things are calm and contemplative on the island. But there is a well-developed marina with good mooring places and a full infrastructure providing all that sailors may need, even for a longer cruise. If you sail east you come to Lefkada town and the bridge to the mainland. It is a picturesque little place, and its white beaches of fine sand are truly inviting. Nydri is the closest thing to a tourist centre on the island, in the summer months it sees more activity. If you prefer to be more solitary, sail to the west coast of Lefkada. At Porto Katsiki and Kathisma there are fantastic secluded beaches and unfrequented bays that are worth anchoring in. The water is very clean, and particularly those who love to dive underwater will find their heart's desire on the west coast of Lefkada.

The Ionian islands

The Ionian Sea is one of the finest sailing areas in the Mediterranean, and those who set sail from Lefkada have a lot to see. For beginners, cruises to the neighbouring islands of Cephalonia and Ithaca can be recommended. There is much of interest on these two - old monasteries, well-fortified castles and picturesque villages. The months from April to October are good for voyaging in the Ionian Sea, for the wind is favourable and the weather is not too hot, averaging 28°C. All the harbours in the Ionian Sea are modern and have plenty of berths for mooring. If you stop on Ithaca or Cephalonia you should enjoy the glorious beaches and wander through the attractive harbours in the evening.



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