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Here are some documents for your charter cruise.
We are constantly extending this list, and would be glad to hear any suggestions you may have.

Climate in Croatia

The Adriatic is one of the finest sailing areas for charter crews. In the usual sailing months there are moderate winds, the air temperatures are pleasant and the water is just right for bathing.

Wind in Majorca

The Balearic sailing area is known for moderate winds, so it is very good for beginner sailors.

Sailing wind in Greece

The wind and weather conditions round Greece vary greatly according to the region and sea area you are in. In the Ionian Sea the climate is gentle, good for a leisurely family cruise, while the wind can blow stronger in the Aegean.

Sailing weather in Sardinia

Climatically speaking Sardinia is a picture-book island - mild winters on the coast, hot summers, and in between luxuriantly blooming springs and fantastic late summers.

Weather and wind for sailors in Turkey

The Aegean is known for a good sailing wind: the Meltemi. The further south you go the gentler it blows, and the happier the family are to enjoy the best kind of sailing along the coast with constant quite light winds.

Wind und Wetter an der Côte d´Azur

Wer an Südfrankreich denkt, wird unweigerlich Bilder von Strand, Sonne und Baden vor Augen haben. Zu Recht!

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