The regulations on skippers' licences for sailors and motor-boat users in Croatia are similar to the German ones

Regulations on skippers' licences for sailors in Croatia

Regulations on skippers' licences for sailors in Croatia

Sport boat licence

The skipper of a charter yacht must possess a boat licence to navigate in Croatian coastal waters. This also holds true for boats with an engine of less than 15 horsepower, which can now be operated without a licence in Germany. It applies to sailing boats of more than 3 metres (even if they have no engine), and to all boats with engines whether they are sailing yachts or cabin cruisers. Canoes, surfboards and pedal boats are exempted.

For German charter customers the "sport boat licence - sea" (Sportbootführerschein-See) is sufficient.

Radio licence

In Croatia a radio licence is obligatory. It is enough for a crew member to hold the licence, it need not be the skipper of the yacht. If nobody on board has one, it is quite simple to acquire the Croatian radio licence at a reasonable price from certain harbour authorities in Croatia before the start of the charter.

"Pyrotechnic licence"

The German Pyroschein or "pyrotechnic licence" (SKN or FKN) does not exist here, or anywhere else in the world. It is a good old German tradition to make meaningless regulations!


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