This proposal serves as a suggestion for your own planning for a yacht charter from Zadar, Sukošan or Biograd. We go to the island world of the Kornati islands! This diverse archipelago is one of the most beautiful areas for sailors, suitable both for bathing holiday-makers and for sporty long-distance sailors.

Cruise proposal from Zadar

Cruise proposal from Zadar

Suggested sailing trip from Zadar (or Sukošan, Biograd)

Zadar to Veli Iž

The day cruise starts in a northwesterly direction about seven nautical miles to the northern tip of the island Ugljan. Then it goes southeast through the narrowness between Ugljan and the island Rivanj. Then through the Srednji channel further down to the island Iž. In Veli Iž you are very sheltered in the marina at the end of the bay. Mali Iž is much smaller and narrower, but also attractive. The total length of the trip from Zadar is about 15 nautical miles.

An alternative route leads from Zadar to the south and then between the islands of Ugljan and Pašman, but there is a bridge with a maximum height of 16 metres!

From the island of Iž to Piškera

Today the route continues southwest past the island of Iž and then through a maze of islands between Dugi Otok and the island of Kornat on the west side of the Kornati. At Dugi Otok there is an exciting passage between Katina and Dugi Otok, not very wide but 4 meters deep. Then we continue in the direction of Piškera, passing countless smaller islands. If you like, you can make a stop for anchoring and swimming, for example in the bay of Kravljačica on the island of Kornat. Here you are in the middle of the Kornati National Park! In Piškera there is an ACI marina with supply facilities. Alternative: The beautiful anchorage bay of Lavsa, close by. Lavsa is one of the most popular anchorages for yacht charter crews in Croatia.

Piškera to Skradin

From Piškera we go through the typical island world of the Kornati towards the famous waterfalls in Skradin. First the island Kornat is circumnavigated south, then it goes west towards the island Tijat, then between the islands Zlarin and Prvić through into the Krka at the cape Jadija. Through the narrowness it goes then directly to the well-known town Šibenik, from there the Krka meanders then comfortably towards Skradin.


The Krka is a river that flows into the Adriatic near Sibenik. You can sail there very beautifully and in a protected area to the end to Skadin. From there it is worth a trip to the Krka waterfalls.

Skradin to Primošten

We leave the Krka again at the strait and sail south to Primošten. There you can anchor behind the beautiful town, or you can lie down nearby in the Kremik marina.

Primosten - Ankernde Yachten

As you can see from the picture, it is worth landing here and visiting the city - a real highlight!

Primošten to Murter

Ankerbucht bei Murter

From Primošten we slowly head north again towards the port of departure. The famous island of Murter is a nice destination for this stage. Here the charter crew has the choice between different marinas, a good tip is the Marina Hramina on the north side of the island. The marina is very well maintained and well equipped. Restaurants and supermarket are to be found in the place, in the Marina there is the restaurant Butina.

Murter to Zadar

Now it's back to the port of exit. One can once again enjoy the island world of the Kornati islands, admire the turquoise blue water and the rocky coasts. It goes past Biograd and Sukosan, always further direction Zadar.

The trip suggestion is meant as a suggestion for you and your crew on your next charter trip in Croatia. You will find suitable ships as usual at PCO.

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